Travel Notes From Where?

You really did read the header correctly! We’re a bunch of souls in one body – it’s been that way all our life and we find plenty to love about it. After all, there’s nothing quite like going to make tea and finding someone else already replenished the milk and bought chocolate.

We consider ourselves blessed with some eye-opening experiences and a way of life that does wonders for shaking up old perspectives.

The otherworld refers to the places we’ve had the opportunity to wander, rich and vivid worlds which we believe are analogous to the Otherworld found in many spiritualities, a place beyond what we can see every day. Walking different worlds has really changed our views on what matters in life and what is worth putting your energy into. Sharing with each other has taught us that you are so much more than your body, your job, or the labels you put on yourself. Being openly ourselves has given us the chance to really explore the importance of being authentic even if you have to sit on your hands to stop them shaking.

It is our hope that by sharing our thoughts with you we can offer you a new perspective on happiness and the art of being yourself. Welcome to a place where happiness is more than a platitude, where it’s more than ok to be yourself, and where the true value of life lies in simplicity and authenticity.

This space is for you.

Creating a supportive and welcoming space for both our readers and ourselves matters to us. We moderate comments in order to keep this place comfy and well-stocked with kindness and respect.

We don’t have a huge list of “comment rules” . Instead, we go with the KISS (keep it simple, sweetie) principle: treat everyone here, whether author or commenter, with consideration. Any kind of hate speech, including but not limited to racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, fat shaming, or insulting people with mental health concerns, will never be tolerated here. That includes hating yourself – this is a positive space for growth and finding things to love and we hope you’ll find that helpful.

Above all, this is a place to explore how you can be more openly yourself, and love it, so leave your worries at the door, come as you are, and give yourself space to stop doing and just be you for a while.